Vocational Training


Educate, empower and create employment opportunities

The Ewaka Foundation Uganda Vocational Training Program aims to create pathways to employment for adolescents, young adults and the physically handicapped through skills training and life learning opportunities.

We are committed and passionate about helping people transform their lives. Sometimes it only takes one opportunity to make sustaining impact in helping someone up and moving forward to a new life.

The Training Programs

The following training programs have been planned together with professional teachers in the respective areas. However, we welcome additional expertise and volunteers to help us implement the training!


Electrical Installation

Training program for commercial, residential, and industrial electrical installations to certify students in electrical repair in preparation for apprenticeship, jobs, contracts, and professional career paths.

There is a great need in Uganda to train men and women in electrical technology via an accelerated program where they quickly become certified without compromising the quality of training.

The potential job paths of technicians are boundless. A technician could choose employment with electrical contractors, real estate developers, make day-to-day house calls, or even work government contracting.

The most common workplaces for technicians, however, are bars/restaurants, factories, office buildings, schools, and hospitals.


Welding and metal Fabrication

The training built for those interested in pursuing the fascinating career of working with a variety of metals and gaining the knowledge and ability to measure, layout and join them to create a useful product or even to express one’s artistic self.

Experience in this trade can lead to a wide range of job options, some includes, Welders, Sheet metal workers, Structural metal fabricators and fitters, Materials Engineer, Pipe welders, Iron workers and Welding Instructors to name a few.

Upon completion of the training program, scholars should feel confident in working as Metal Fabricator and Welders or continue their studies and training at a technical college or University.


Automotive Repairs and Engineering

The automotive industry is a vast field that gives opportunities to multiple individuals to sustain a successful career. Whether interested in becoming automotive repair technicians or starting their own garage, it is crucial to have automotive repairing skills with knowledge of different auto parts types.

In this particular training teachers help individuals learn and gain extensive skills in their respective fields by providing them valuable resources. This program is designed to equip scholars registered in this scheme with light automotive engineering skills in the areas of internal combustion engine work as well as motor vehicle electrical work.


Carpentry, Joinery and Wood Work

Trainees in the Carpentry Programme will be given competencies and skills required in the construction industry. They will be taught how to prepare estimates and perform preventative maintenance of timber and wall buildings, applying a variety of finishes in the process.

The course may include: Carpenter’s Formwork, Wooden Wall and Floor Frame Construction, Roof Construction, Furniture making and much more.



Entrepreneurship training and support can help female entrepreneurs overcome the challenges they face in running their businesses and can improve both business performance and overall levels of well-being. Our programme has developed a series of tested tools and integrated approaches to support, build capacity, and empower female entrepreneurs.

This training aims to address some of the barriers women face to starting and running a business and bridge the gender gap by building women and men’s business management skills and key soft skills. It differs from conventional business training materials as it highlights entrepreneurial skills from a gender perspective, incorporates coaching and mentoring, and is targeted to the needs of women with low literacy levels.


Brick Laying

Brick laying is a skill that can be said to be the building block of much of our world. The bricklayer works on everything from our homes to commercial buildings and the walls that surround them.

Bricklayers build and repair structures, walls, walkways and foundations using various types of blocks and brick. Their work can range from a house extension to a major stadium project! There is a lot of opportunities for brick layers/construction workers in Uganda especially for but not limited low-cost housing in different communities.



There are many reasons to consider training in plumbing as a stable career. The need for plumbers in Uganda is like the need for doctors – everyone everywhere will always need them. Being a plumber offers scholars a certain level of security: a good plumber can always find employment and the job can’t be outsourced.

Being a plumber doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing house calls and fixing toilets all day (unless it’s a preference, of course). Plumbers work in all kinds of industries. They could find a job designing plumbing systems for new buildings or decide how to manage repairs.


Poultry Farming

Poultry farming in Uganda was mostly a backyard venture till the 80s. Indigenous chicken constituted the major share. Their productivity was around 60-70 eggs per bird per year.

During the past two decades the poultry scenario in the country has changed dramatically. Today poultry farming has transformed itself into an organized industry. It plays a major role in the fight against malnutrition and poverty among the rural masses of our country. The importance of poultry sector in solving the problems of unemployment and under-employment is well-conceived by planners and personnel in the developmental programes. Among the livestock vocations poultry farming requires only less capital investment and it is same time has in added advancing ensuring quick returns.


Information Technology

In a world that is consistently getting more and more defined by technology, the demand for the people with the ability to know about information technology and computer science has increased considerably.

IT is where most of the technologies that have become so intrinsically tied to our day to day lives have been born, and the more people there are that can be working in mastering the art of this science, the more innovations can be seen and created in the world of technology.


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