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-Richelle E. Goodrich

Ewaka History

2013 - 2022


Ewaka e.V founds their own foundation and children’s home in another district of Jinja. Ewaka Foundation Uganda continues to support both the remaining inhabitants of the children’s home and the children in communities with Abawamu e.V. The school program resumes in August and the first volunteers arrive in the children’s home in September.

January 2020 - July 2022

The Sports Center is completed and is actively used for activities such as soccer, basketball, and dance by children and adolescents from the whole village.

Due to COVID-19 Ewaka Foundation was not able to host many volunteers and the school programs in Germany have to halt.

In order to realize Ewaka Foundation’s vision to support children and young people in the home and in the communities long-term and provide them with a perspective for an independent life, an additional German partner organization is acquired in December 2021. The organization, Abawamu e.V., helps fundraising for further vocational training and education programs.

2019 - 2020

Ewaka Foundation is not limited to being a children’s home. In the second half of 2019, the foundation has started building a Sports center for the children in the home and for the neighboring communities alike. Activities such as soccer, basketball and dance are on the agenda. The further goal will be to expand this center so that more activities can be held.

2018 - 2019

Ewaka Foundation build up a computer school for the children. Volunteers can now teach the children basic computer knowledge. Further milestones are the renovations of the children’s rooms and the outdoor area.


The construction of all the children’s rooms as well as the terrasse and bureau are finished. Also, a chicken farm was built up by Ewaka’s eldest inhabitant. The main building as well as the kitchen era and the toilets are completed by the end of the year.


The children and caregivers of the children’s home move into the new house. The main building as well as the sanitary facilities are still under construction.


The first German partner organization of Ewaka Foundation, EWAKA Deutsche Kinder-und Jugendförderung für Uganda e.V., is founded. Together, both organizations start a school program in Germany, aimed at promoting international undestadning raising funds for Ewaka Foundation Uganda. The first volunteers support Ewaka Foundation on site. With the help of fonations, the foundation can purchase a piece of land near Jinja, and the construction of a new children’s home begins.


The first children’s home is set up in Kampala. It provides a home for ten children and one caregiver. More children and caregivers join the Ewaka family during the next years.


Jonas Byaruhanga founds Ewaka Foundation to support disadvantages children in Uganda. Mainly through outreach programs, the foundation supports the physical and emotional well-being and developmental children with education and care.