Children's Home

Ewaka Foundation
Children's Home is
located in Jinja, Uganda

Take a tour with us and have a look around!

Lunch Time

Providing basic care for children and youth is one of the core tasks of Ewaka Foundation Uganda. The foundation supports children who do not have families that are able to provide for them, for as long as the children and families require assistance.

The video shows the dining and kitchen area of the children’s home.

School Classes

The foundation finances schooling and vocational training for the children and youth, but also carries out its own activities to advance their education and development.

Jonas Byaruhanga and Hassan Matovu are seen here looking after the children in the garden of the home.


To promote physical and mental well-being and creative development of the children and youth, dance courses and other activities are held regularly at the children’s home, led by professional artists and dance teachers.

The video shows the children dancing with the professional dance teacher Ronnieval Kisapenne.

Music & Togetherness

Spending time together and feeling a sense of belonging.

The video shows Robert Kibalama, professional musician and longtime tour member of Keiga Dance Company, making music with the children.