Partners & Friends

Abawamu e.V.

Our partner organization in Germany. Abawamu e.V. focusses on fostering education, international understanding and collaboration through arts and cultural exchange. The organization supports us in organizing school projects and fundraising activities in Germany.

Keiga Foundation

This U.S. American/Ugandan/German foundation supports artistic projects that advance social justice and public discourse on social issues. It focuses on empowering women, disadvantaged children and youth, and international artistic and cultural exchange.


Music without borders – Bukahara unite influences from different genres, cultures and languages in harmonious and unique compositions. The band is committed to promoting cultural diversity and social justice. We are proud to call them our partners and to accompany their 2022 tour with a dance performance by Jonas Byaruhanga, founder and artistic director of Keiga Dance Company, Keiga Foundation, Ewaka Foundation Uganda and team member of Abawamu e.V..

Gayela Children Foundation

The Gayela Children Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Jinja, Uganda. It was established to provide vulnerable children with a home, education and support throughout their childhood. Gayela Children Foundation and Ewaka Foundation Uganda are united by common values and we plan to cooperate for our vocational training progam.